CrabDiving – Thu 100517 – Gropey Weinstein & Trump Cabinet Suicide Pact

The Gropey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal was discussed on this episode. Hypocrite GOP load Tim Murphy – who  resigned from Congress, good riddance! A host Fox’s Out Numbered claimed MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle deliberately tried to stir division in the Shitler administration. We learned a certain trio with the Cabinet have agreed to a “suicide pact.”  The “Trump Dossier” on Russia links has been added to the Mueller investigation. Bump stock sales are surging after the horrific Las Vegas shooting. Another big storm is heading towards CrabDiving. RWNJ loon Alex Jones proclaimed everyone should be “packing” because the Democrats will be killing everyone. An evil GOP Senator said some horrible crap to a constituent at a fair. A Virginia county meeting dissolved into chaos over the proposed renaming of a Confederate monument.

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