CrabDiving – Wed 100417 – Tillerson Kisses Orange Butt & Trump Kids’ Felonies

Tillerson kissed orange butt and the puckering was not at all attractive. The GOP offered zero suggestions on gun control but were forthcoming with meaningless “thoughts and prayers.” The Mayor of San Juan rightly slammed Shitler for chucking paper towel rolls at Americans suffering from the devastation of Maria. Nikki Haley shamefully voted against a U.N. resolution condemning putting people to death for being gay. Christo-twunt Bryan Fischer suggested mass-shootings could be blamed on private citizens not owning enough guns. Ivanka and Donald Jr. were close to being charged with felony fraud back in the day. Mueller ordered an adviser to get ahead of PEEOTUS issuing “pre-emptive pardons.” A dude working on the Trump-Russia investigation said the evidence being uncovered in the probe is mind blowing AF.

tillerson kisses orange butt

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