CrabDiving – Tue 100317 – Trump Visits Puerto Rico & Vegas Shooter Arsenal

Trump visits Puerto Rico and it was totally crap-tastic! PEEOTUS opted to employ a fade-away-jumper in an insultingly insensitive effort to deliver rolls of paper towels to Puerto Ricans suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. The lone, white gunman who murdered over 50 people in the Vegas mass-shooting modified his rifle with a bump-stock device. A ninny on Fox And Friends dumbly suggested atheism played a part in the Las Vegas massacre. GOP Senator John Thune idiotically suggested victims of the mass-shooting could have done more to protect themselves during the deadly assault. A gun-sucking NRA twunt dismissed the part guns played in the Vegas shooting, because feet are just as deadly? The cartoonishly evil Republicans have nearly allowed government funding for healthcare for poor children to expire. A former mistress of a pro-life GOP congressman outed her dude for urging her to have an abortion. Trump minion and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke violated the Hatch Act, allegedly. Finally, in stupid news, a group of loons in Ohio raised money to have a Confederate war memorial reinstalled in their former Union state.

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