K Voice, A Voice of Resistance – Tue 100317

We have been silent long enough! After yet another mass murder by gun violence, now is the time to have a serious conversation about the gun epidemic that has resulted in 273 mass murders this year. Keith Olbermann has a few words to say on the subject as does Charlie Pierce of Esquire. We look back at a bit of the history of gun control and listen to LBJ’s thoughts on the subject. The GOP allowed the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which provides nine million kids with insurance, to expire. We take a look at their plan to fund it late like a kid who ditched class. We try not to break things while talking about the new heinous gun legislation the Republicans are pushing through Congress (the NRA lackeys that they are). We try not to scream while discussing the new abortion bill the house is voting on and try not to weep at Donald Trump’s offensive behavior towards the suffering Americans on the island of Puerto Rico. Finally, we look to Robert Kennedy to provide some much needed inspiration. It seems the bad news keeps pummeling America. Under a broken political system it is up to the people to stand up and fight back before it’s too late. #resist

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