CrabDiving – Mon 100217 – Vegas Terror & Tom Petty Heart Attack

The Vegas terror mass shooting was the main point of discussion on this episode of CrabDiving. A guitarist who survived the gun violence at the end of that concert, called for immediate common sense gun control. Skesis Pat Robertson blamed the mass shooting on disrespect for PEEOTUS. RWNJ wind-bag Alex Jones promoted a hoax about the Vegas gunman being a leftist actor angered by Shitler. Dildo’Reilly blathered that the shooting in Vegas was the price of freedom. Oxy-walrus Rush Limbaugh bellowed that media outlets weren’t connecting the gunman to ISIS. Gun stocks soared due to the shooting. Data proved Australia’s gun control policy has been a yuuuuge success. In additional sad news, famed rocker legend Tom Petty was found unresponsive due to a possible heart attack.

Vegas Terror

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