CrabDiving – Fri 092917 – Limbaugh Masculinity & Tom Price Bye Felicia

Limbaugh masculinity was squirting all over the CrabDiving Podcast on Faithless Friday. Crooked Trump cabinet member Tom Price exited stage right today. The Washington Post broke a story revealing how Harvard helped its richest and most privileged students to get ahead. An evil Air Force Chaplain encouraged soldiers to be intolerant of non-Christian beliefs. Ireland announced they’re finally holding a referendum on it’s kooky blasphemy law. RWNJ Christo-twunk Jim Bakker suggested his gross buckets of food could prevent cannibalism in the event of an eclipse. A criminally misguided couple allowed their infant child to die cuz Jesus. A judge ruled in favor of atheists protesting religious symbolism included in a county seal (not the famed pop singer with real bad skin). Evil Nestles made crap-loads of cash off bottling water for which they paid little.

Rush Limbaugh oxycontin eating - crabdiving

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