K Voice, A Voice of Resistance – Fri 092917

The profound neglect, corruption and cruelty of this administration is proven, more and more, with each new revealing day. We deliver bad news about the future of business competition in America. That bad news’ name is Makan Delrahim. We discuss what the Kaepernick protest is all about with the help of writer, essayist, poet and civil rights activist James Baldwin. Our president, and our Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, are calling for a NFL rule requiring players to stand for the anthem like North Korea. We discuss the history of the National Anthem. We lay out the latest on the humanitarian tragedy in Puerto Rico. The Trump administration is in the middle of its own Katrina: people are crying for help and the government is hesitating to respond. On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Turtle McConnell filed cloture on the re-nomination of Ajit Pai to head the Federal Communications Commission. We have a call to action to tell Congress to tell the Anti-Net Neutrality FCC Chair that he is fired! We have more calls to action regarding the Jones Act and Puerto Rico, DHS’s McCarthy like tactics of infringing on Immigrant privacy, about donald’s tax scam and to stop Brian Benczkowski (Russian shill) who has been nominated to lead the Department of Justice Criminal Division, which is responsible for enforcement of all federal criminal law. Finally, Donald Trump is a jackass. #resist

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