CrabDiving – Thu 092817 – Trump Escalates NFL Attacks & GOP War On Women Continues

As Trump escalates NFL attacks, Puerto Ricans suffer. A veteran took a knee in protest as Trump’s motorcade passed by. The fans of the Packers continued to be riled by players kneeling for the anthem. Shitler stupidly claimed NFL owners were frightened of their own ballers. Evil RWNJ crackpot Coach Dave dumbly suggested soccer was undermining the American family. Progressive Senate candidate Doug Jones proclaimed he could beat homophobe Roy Moore, even in conservative Alabama. Indiana’s Attorney General promised to continue his horrendous fight against the reproductive rights of women. Federal courts struck down a heinous abortion ultrasound measure in Kentucky. Right wing load Rick Wiles ignorantly stated Obama was orchestrating a left-wing revolt against America. In news that is not shocking, Cheeto Teats’ administration argued against LGBT protections.

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