CrabDiving – Mon 041717 – Alex Jones Performance Art & North Korea Launching More Missiles

Alex Jones performance art seemed real when the Crabs played clips of the loony hate-caster on this episode of CrabDiving. Shitler congratulated Erdogan on his power grab. A defiant North Korea announced more missile tests. In a Gallup Pole, Americans said they don’t believe The Donald. Trump’s Pooh-bah for Homeland Security said weed is not a factor in the current war on drugs. HBO talk show host John Oliver lashed out at Geraldo Rivera over the Fox-bot’s dumb comments about the MOAB. Christo-crook Jim Bakker moronically suggested conservatives never marched or protested against Obama. We learned Marine Le Pen is gaining even more popularity among anti-immigrant voters in France. The Solar Eclipse was deemed a sign from God by a loon. Finally, in news that is good, Pat and Ryan discovered that possibly one quarter of Muricans don’t believe in sky god!
Alex Jones

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