CrabDiving – Mon 060517 – First Florida Show & Trump v London’s Mayor

The first Florida show kicked off today on the CrabDiving Network and much bashing of the right was enjoyed. Racist comic Bill Maher got snubbed by Senator Al Franken and rightly so. In the not-so-great-state of North Carolina, 30 evil parishioners decided to beat a gay man. The major networks will host coverage of Comey’s much ballyhooed testimony in regards to the Trump/Russia scandal. The top U.S. diplomat in China resigned due to Shitler’s stupid climate change policy. In response to the recent London terror attacks, Czar Cheetoh Fingers attacked the courts over his unenlightened travel ban. RWNJ Christo-twunt Pat Robertson dumbly suggested liberals have a death-wish. The charlatan, crooked advisers to the orange-a-hole-face attempted to downplay Trump tweets because “it’s just social media.”

crabdiving first florida show

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