CrabDiving – Mon 073117 – Bye Bye Mooch & Trump Cabinet Gross Bible Study

Bye bye Mooch was the phrase of the day on this episode of the CrabDiving Political Podcast. Douche GOP folk said Shitler shall be gone by the midterms. Star Trek Discovery took a strong stand against sky-god. Unfunny racist Fox-bot Jesse Watters dumbly proclaimed that many wished The Donald was a dictator. A Christo-dink suggested Trump was comparable to a Biblical hero. Also, we learned the cabinet of Cheeto Teats attend Bible study in the White House, gross. RWNJ hate-caster Rick Joyner moronically explained the chaos in the White House is a sign that Jesus works in the mysterious ways. Homophobe jerk-off Michele Bachmann blabbed that a hate-crimes-hotline was a violation of church and state. Lawmakers in Cali came under attack from idiot racists. Finally, the Crabs reviewed the looniest statements from Anthony Scaramucci.

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