CrabDiving – Mon 082817 – Trump Defends Sheriff Joe Pardon & Felix Sater Emails

Lying Trump defends Sheriff Joe pardon and the Crabs cover the whole stupid shebang. Some dude by the name of Felix Sater worked with Russia to get Cheeto Teats elected. The orange-a-hole-face strapped on figurative tap shoes in an effort to drive discussion away from the Russian threat, in a recent press conference. PEEOTUS tried to use Hurricane Harvey as a distraction from the pardoning of Arpaio. Pat broke down the history of crap confederate monuments in Pensacola, Florida. RWNJ load-caster Bryan Fischer stupidly suggested banning the LGBT flag, along with that of the Confederate banner. Conserv-a-twunt Tony Perkins spouted off some really ignorant crap about gay people and sky-god. A black MMA fighter rescued a white-dude clutching a dumbass confederate flag from Hurricane Harvey. Finally, Faux News d-bag extraordinaire, Jesse Watters, defended The Donald’s pardoning of shite Sheriff Joe by listing off folks pardoned by Obama, which included a specific reference to “Bradley” Manning and a bunch of “crackheads.”
 Trump Defends Sheriff Joe Pardon

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