CrabDiving – Mon 091117 – FOX News Influence & Hurricane Irma Impact

The FOX News influence upon our crap, racist society was a point of discussion on this episode. Hurricane Irma left millions without power in Florida. The Russian news agency Sputnik has been under investigation by the FBI for spy shenanigans. Shitler was oh so butt-hurt because the Kuwaiti Emir has a bigger plane. Actor Jim Carrey was shredded by the Crabs for his dick-ish behavior during a red carpet interview. In news that is shocking, Miss Texas busted out righteous words against white supremacy during Miss America. A conserv-a-loon GOP senate candidate in Alabama has appeared multiple times on a radio show hosted by a pastor that advocates killing gay people. An idiotic host over at evil Faux News ignorantly compared a 911 memorial to confederate statues. RWNJ freak-show Alex Jones insanely suggested Cheeto Fingers’ late evening word slurring could be attributed to having his Diet Coke drugged.

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