CrabDiving – Mon 121117 – Awful Roy Moore Quotes & Is Sessions Targeting Weed?

Awful Roy Moore quotes were read on this episode of CrabDiving and the angry libs nearly barfed. The New Yorker cut ties with Ryan Lizza over ‘”improper sexual conduct.” A suicide bomber failed in attempt to blow up the New York subway. GOP Senate candidate molester Roy Moore insanely blamed drive-by shootings on evolution being taught in schools. Speaking of the Republican child predator, Roy Moore was interviewed by a 12 year old girl for no good reason. Evil dick-bag Jeff Sessions said some scary crap about marijuana legislation. The Pentagon said it will allow transgender recruits per a judge’s order. A Florida couple found two huge pythons chilling in civilization. Finally, in another “When Animals Get Pissed” moment, the Crabs learned all about the terrifying existence of a gigantic shark spotted off the Australian coast.

Trump Supports Moore the Molester

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