CrabDiving – Thu 051817 – Trump Fumes Over Special Counsel & Roger Ailes Dead

Trump fumes over special counsel and the Crabs reported upon it bigly. Daddy of Fox News, Roger Ailes kicked the bucket and it’s possible, but not likely, his death caused a single reasonable tear to be shed. PEEOTUS proclaimed to the universe he would indeed rehire fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, if he could. With much seriousness and a modicum of sass, Lindsey Graham informed Murica the investigation of Shitler is criminal AF. A Morning Joe panel hinted Flynn turned on Pence, who should have known the disgraced National Security Adviser was dirty. Tsar Cheeto Fingers struck a Festivus tone whilst busting out a commencement speech to Coast Guard grads. RWNJ buffoon shock jock Alex Jones apologized for some idiotic garbage he puked forth regarding Chobani Yogurt, refugees and tuberculosis. In a “When Animals Get Pissed” segment, Pat and Ryan reviewed the sharkiest beaches on the planet, covered a bear attack and reviewed a particularly stupid and nasty snakebite.

trump fumes over special counsel

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