CrabDiving – Wed 051717 – First Calls For Trump Impeachment & Desperate Hannity

The first Calls for Trump impeachment were heard on this episode of the CrabDiving Podcast. Democratic Texas legislator Al Green soundly called for the ousting of Czar Cheeto Fingers. Uncle Nipples announced he had transcripts of The Donald’s convo with those Russian dudes. The GOP started to act sort of interested in the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia. President Obama declared Trump to be a BS artist. A group advocating for a free press took the orange-a-hole-face to task for asking his former FBI Director about jailing journalists. Creepy Fox-bot Steve Doocy oddly voiced a stupid opinion regarding PEEOTUS and his alleged proposal to Comey. RWNJ, mentally unfit radio host Alex Jones talks Leather Daddies and Trump with slimeball GOP operative Roger Stone. The ham-face Hannity offered up a helping of fake news to his mouth-breathing viewers. Conserv-a-twunt Sheriff Dave Clark was asked to join the Department of Homeland Security, puke. Idiotic Texas Lieutenant Governor threatened a special session to push through an evil, transphobic wang-checking bill. Finally, in a shark-tastic edition of the much ballyhooed CrabDiving segment, “When Animals Get Pissed,” Pat and Ryan cover three uniquely horrific shark attack stories.

first trump impeachment

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