CrabDiving – Tue 051617 – Comey Memo Implicates Trump & Guilfoyle To Replace Spicey?

The Comey memo implicates Trump and the Crabs snapped their pitchers in zen-like happiness. RWNJ troll Erick Erickson must have just popped a sanity pill before he declared Trump guilty of Russian shenanigans. It was learned Dild O’Reilly and Glenn Beck shall team up on radio in what will surely be a the most grand sausage-manbag-scissor-fest ever. Shitler asked Comey to drop the Flynn investigation, cuz they just had a nice dinner. Spicer and Bannon caterwauled at one another regarding Trump’s yooooooge leak of classified info to the Russians. Czar Cheeto Fingers has been sad-faced as of late, especially towards his son-in-law Jared. Many of us had forgotten Trump’s theory about a big stupid battery in the human body. The U.S. Marshals prepped for a massive upcoming operation. A study revealed many Trumpalos are dumbly motivated by fears of immigration whilst in the voting booth. RWNJ crack-hole Kimberly Guilfoyle was rumoured to be Spicey’s replacement.

Comey Memo Implicates Trump

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