CrabDiving – Thu 062917 – Trump Mika Brzezinski Tweets & Molestation Victims On Mars

We dissected the Trump Mika Brzezinski tweets on today’s episode of CrabDiving. GOP Sith Lord Sarah Huckabee stupidly defended Shitler’s tweets regarding faux-liberal Mika of Morning Joe. Department of Education Secretary Betsy Devos was voted worst Trump cabinet member in a poll. Ex-NSA douche Flynn, with the help of a dickish GOP operative, helped Russians hack Hillary’s emails, allegedly. RWNJ hatecaster Alex Jones featured a guest on InfoWars that suggested there’s a community of molestation victims hidden away in a camp on Mars. In news that is not remotely shocking, a bigwig in the Catholic Church is accused of raping kids. Our possibly criminal AG pretended to forget he suggested executing pot dealers. Centrist MSNBC fired a crappy ex-Foxbot cuz she sucked. Ham-faced Hannity got served by skesis Ann Coulter.

Trump Mika Brzezinski Tweets

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