CrabDiving – Thu 081017 – Trump Attacks McConnell & Cuban Sound Weapon

Trump attacks McConnell and the Crabs covered every RWNJ blow on this episode of the podcast. The Crabs learned of plans to grow organs in piggies utilizing gene editing, sad. The results of a recent poll regarding postponing the 2020 election yielded disturbing results. Evil Trump henchman Paul Manafort blew the whistle on Don Jr.’s secret meeting with Russians. A loony conservative Breitbart writer lost his marbles over a Vogue magazine cover featuring actress Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games posing in front of the Statue Of Liberty. Czar Cheeto Teats cracked an unfunny joke about the expulsion of U.S. embassy staff from Russia. World leaders from all corners of the globe believe The Donald to be bonkers. The Governor of Illinois lauded the advent of “Barack Obama Day.” Crooked Jim Bakker explained how the orange-a-hole-face would turn America back to god, whatever that means. U.S. diplomats in Cuba mysteriously lost their hearing while working in the island nation. Lunatic broadcaster Alex Jones made insanely trans-phobic remarks that included a scenario where Jones morphs into a giant Lucky Charms crapping giraffe.
trump attacks mcconnell

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