CrabDiving – Thu 101217 – Trump Hannity Suckfest & Is It 25th Amendment Time?

Clips from the Trump Hannity suckfest was warm and sloppy on today’s CrabDiving. MSNBC’s Mika speculated Shitler’s Chief of Staff was prepping for a 25th Amendment challenge. PEEOTUS heartlessly warned Puerto Rico that federal assistance would not last forever. Secretary of Energy, twinkle-toes Rick Perry, mistakenly referred to Puerto Rico as a freaking country. In an effort to make fun of folks calling for gun control, an idiot GOP legislator in Indiana got his troll on by suggesting journalists should be licensed. Actor Rose McGowan lashed out at Jeff Bezos for his company not believing her when she said monster Harvey Weinstein raped her. Former Trump White House staffer and current Nazi-creep Sebastian Gorka said libs tried to undermine the rights of women. A Louisiana Sheriff threw a tantrum because some of his free convict labor was being released due to much-needed prison reform. Finally, the Crabs learned the Russians even utilized Pokemon Go in an effort to highjack the 2016 election.
Hannity Trump Sucking

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