CrabDiving – Tue 021318 – Intelligence Officials Warn About Russia & Obama’s Spermy Portrait

The intelligence officials warn about Russia and the treasonous, racist, misogynistic Trump administration gives not a single amoeba crap. During a hearing, FBI Director Christopher Ray contradicted the White House regarding details of the Rob Porter fiasco. Progressive legislator Angus King declared that Russian meddling in our elections couldn’t be prevented if our so-called-president continues to believe Putin’s denials. The child-hating, heartless dirt-bags of the GOP said they wanted to replace food stamps with “harvest boxes.” A Pennsylvania court did the right thing regarding the redrawing of voting maps. The Father of a child with cancer was granted a 1 year stay and will not be unjustly deported just yet. Beater of women and RWNJ load Bill O’Reilly called MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell a guttersnipe and a smear merchant. Tin-foil hat model Alex Jones caterwauled in a most dramatic fashion regarding the secret sperm inserted into Obama’s presidential portrait. Reality television star and former Trump Adviser Omarosa accused puritanical Pence of being a religious extremist, duh.

senate intelligence hearing 021318

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