CrabDiving – Tue 031417 – Sean Spicer Lies & TrumpCare Shall Screw Ryan

Sean Spicer lies were expertly explored on this episode of CrabDiving. “Tehran Tom” showed no love for Trumpcare and it’s three pronged thrust. Our state run media, Breitbart, did their part to set Paul Ryan up for the fall when Trumpcare craps the bed. Speaking of the Speaker, Faux News load Eric Bolling suggested Speaker Ryan lied to The Donald about Trumpcare. Spicey assured us we can trust POTUS, unless POTUS is joking. RWNJ loony toon Alex Jones called upon Jesus to smite actor Alec Baldwin. Conserva-twunt Glenn Beck proclaimed he would heal the planet one hug at a time. We learned there are 500 sanctuary cities in America and growing. Shitler mouthpiece Sean Spicer informed the media his boss does not agree with some moronic crap said by Senator of Stupid Steve King. Drug companies made it rain oxy all over West Virginia. Ex-governor Pat McCrory admitted his ridiculous bathroom bill is hurting his career.
sean spicer liesMore of this liberal politics podcast in the archives!

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