CrabDiving – Tuesday 050917 – Trump Fired Comey & Evil Duke Energy

Trump fired Comedy and it seemed like the orange excrement was surely hitting the fan on Tuesday’s show! The FCC said that it was not John Oliver minions that took down their website, rather it was an evil hack attack. Sinclair Media enlarged itself to a size ridiculous. Rachel Maddow is Grand Poobah of cable news in the ratings. A RICO case against Shitler in New York could squeeze Czar Cheeto Fingers and his crotch spawn of all funds. The ex-wife of Alex Jones is shocked the RWNJ blowhard still has viewers. Duke Energy in North Carolina is up to cartoonish anti-consumer shenanigans. GOP whackjob Karen Handel of Georgia sent fliers asking for donations towards her efforts to keep her fellow Americans from voting.

trump fired comey

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