CrabDiving – Wed 042315 – Christian Flag Creepy, Pharmacist Won’t Do Her Job Cuz Jesus, Huckabee Hard For Guns

On hump day, the crabs sink their pincers into the following stories: the new Muppets won’t be for kids; Pope Francis tangles with Murican Christo-ban ninnies; Faux News host like totally sucks; Walmart pharmacist in Taliban-esque Georgia refuses to dispense meds prescribed by a freaking doctor cuz Jesus; speaking of Georgia, the city council of some po-dunk shit-hole votes to fly the Christian flag over city hall, even though they’re going to get so sued; Pat Robertson praises Jesus for saving a broad from lesbianism; climate change won’t be real to the Republicans until Florida is submerged; Huckabee rock hard for guns; O’Reilly, the big fat liar, thinks he knows a thing or two about the law and the Supreme Court. Lastly, Pat and Ryan analyze the lyrics of the Village People hit, “Sodom And Gomorrah.”

white asshole Dude

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