CrabDiving – Wed 042915 – Fox Foolish Flag Folly, Trump Tweets, RWNJ Would Burn For Abortion

On today’s show, the Crabs wonder why our government just doesn’t shoot a crapload of morphine into the veins of the people barbarically sentenced to death. We also cover the following: Apple watch ain’t all that; Dog the Bounty Hunter is #readyforHillary much to the chagrin of Faux News ninnies; Donald Trump, reality T.V. host lucky enough to have crawled out of a rich vagina, is a total douche; Faux News lives up to it’s nickname with its coverage of the total bullshit story of a group of patriots taking down a “commie flag”; the rioting in Baltimore is a result of “the gay”, according to a simpleton lawmaker. Finally, the Crabs talk Trump tweets with Chicago actor, Greg Rothman, and a RWNJ lawmaker gets the go-ahead from the universe when he threatens to burn himself to death in protest over abortion.

fox fail communist Flag Folly in washington

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