CrabDiving – Wed 071217 – GOP Jerks Defend Treason & Bizarre Prayer Fest For Trump

The GOP jerks defend treason and CrabDiving is all over their bullshit. Presidential adviser Jared Kushner was in on the meeting with that Russian lawyer, FYI. Shitler met with a crapload of evangelical types for a bizarre prayer fest. Senator Graham got frustrated whilst questioning the nominee for FBI Director. The RWNJ media ejaculated forth a stupid theory regarding Hillary’s campaign colluding with the Ukrainian government. Czar Cheeto Teats was interviewed by ancient Christo-Twunt Pat Robertson, for some freaking reason. GOP load Senator Steve King threatened more Clinton investigations if the Trump probe wasn’t stopped. Racist unfunny FOX load Jesse Watters stupidly defended Donald Jr. by reading the definition of treason. Douche MSNBC host Joe Scarborough announced he’s leaving the GOP. Pop “artist” Kid Rock announced he’s running for office in 2018.

gop jerks defend treason

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