CrabDiving – Thu 071317 – Trump In France & Don The Con’s Lawyer Is Gangster AF

Trump in France whilst the Crabs are in studio reporting upon the latest racist, classless shenanigans of Shitler. Our creepy Pres busted out choice sexist remarks regarding Macron’s wife. Douche bro Tucker Carlson sparred with fellow GOP guy Max Boot regarding Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. The attorney of Don the Con sounded like a gangster from The Sopranos as he doled out physical threats. Racist twink Mo Brooks of Alabama ran a totally racist campaign ad, featuring ramblings of Czar Cheeto Teats. The orange-a-hole-face explained to skesis Pat Robertson that he would get rid of the Johnson Amendment. Horrendous Fox-bot Jesse Watters got schooled by Juan Williams for disrespecting the poor and disabled  The evil, bigoted White House issued a statement trashing the CBO without bothering to proof read.  A dude slapped with hate crimes charges broke down and cried after court. Hateful Jesus-loon Pamela Geller stupidly stated violence would be necessary to fend off Muslims attacking the First Amendment.

trump in france

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