The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 071217 – Floyd Mayweather’s Real Opponent & Allstar Game Price Gouging

On this episode of the Daily Upper Decker on the CrabDiving Network, the dudes are covering the slowest dang week in sports, but that doesn’t mean Brady Matthews, Adam Feuerberg and Tommy Gimler have nothing to talk about. Actually, it does. But they were still able to fill 59 minutes with chatter about an idiot kid getting pegged by a ball at the Home Run Derby, ridiculous All-Star Game prices, Floyd Mayweather’s opponent, the IRS, Bret Bielema’s ass being so big that he butt-dialed the SEC Commissioner, athletes getting arrested, and a “Fact or Fudge” that will qualify as our Wimbledon coverage. Tits show.
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