CrabDiving – Tue 071117 – Trump Russia Collusion & Fox News Is Garbage

The Trump Russia collusion was proved out further by a damning email correspondence. A reporter from MSNBC described Shitler’s White House as chaos unleashed. Faux News scrubbed all mention of Russia from Don Jr..’s emails before reporting them in an unfair and unbalanced manner. VP Mike Pence distanced himself from Czar Cheeto Teats’ presidential campaign. Garbage person Eric Bowling of Fox insanely blamed Obama for the Trump-Russia controversy. Douchebag GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell opportunistically announced the Senate will work through the first bit of the August recess. In news the can be considered good, Utah got rid a crappy Ag-Gag Law. The daft white twunts of Fox & Friends offered up a non-apology for lying to their audience about the recent fraudulent reporting of a Comey leak. In a much ballyhooed “When Animals Get Pissed” segment, the Crabs learned a kid that survived a head-chewing by a black bear. RWNJ hate-caster Alex Jones voiced loony concerns about piggorillahumans. Finally, Christo dick Bryan Fischer said some stupid, racist crap about slavery that made zero sense.

Trump Russia Collusion

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