CrabDiving – Thu 072017 – Trump Dissed Sessions & Christian Rainbow Butthurt

Trump dissed Sessions and surely southern racist Gollum felt pangs of butthurt. The Crabs reviewed the OJ Simpson parole hearing, as well as the Juice’s illegal self-yanking in his prison cell. Mueller ignored Shitler’s warning about expanding the Russian probe. Daft Christians, namely Fox’s Todd Starnes, were sad-faced over being mocked for an attempt of the conservative right to take the rainbow from our LGBT brothers and sisters. Evil creationists performed a faux-sale of the not so popular Ark Encounter in Kentucky to avoid paying an amusement tax. Creepy Oath Keepers in Ohio attempted to violate the rights of a mom at a mall. Pat and Ryan also marveled upon a sudden and severe rainstorm that briefly ravaged downtown P’Cola and the CrabDiving Studios.
trump dissed session

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