KVoice, A Voice of Resistance – Tue 062717

In this episode of K-Voice, A Voice of Resistance: Woohoo! We got the Senate to postpone the vote of the Republican healthcare bill! The house is clamping down even further on immigration penalties even as labor shortages cause millions of dollars worth of food waste on our farms. The Senate is confirming people to positions, and we have a call to action to tell our senators to oppose the appointment of anti-gay nut ball Damien Schiff to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The GOP health care bill proves Republicans’ lack of concern for the feminine half of the human race. And finally, the Western Organizing Workshop, Kelly attended this weekend, teaches us how to use storytelling, and how it is one of the most powerful tools activists can use to unite a movement. Don’t forget, the AHCA is only stalled, not dead, call your senator! #resist

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