CrabDiving – Wed 062817 – 10 Commandments Monument Destroyed & Tebow Rewarded For Sucking

There was a 10 Commandments monument destroyed in Arkansas & the Crabs thoroughly reported upon the Christian butthurt-i-tude. Time Magazine requested the removal of the faux covers featuring the mug of PEEOTUS. Retiring GOP legislator Jason Chaffetz announced his whoring out at Fox News. The White House is fundraising off another Project Veritas crapola video. Pat and Ryan learned just how much the rest of the planet hates President Cheeto Teats. Hamfaced hate-caster Sean Hannity pitched a right wing fit over the fact that many Tinder users are swiping left on Trump supporters. The Crabs discovered Jesus bot and former pro football player Tim Tebow shall be promoted within the Mets franchise despite his baseball suckage. An evil far-right group bought a boat to disrupt efforts to rescue refugees in the Mediterranean. A study told us what every CrabDiver is sure of: Religion is screwing everything up.

10 commandments monument destroyed

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