CrabDiving – Fri 020218 – GOP Memo Fizzles & Cernovich Scared Alex Jones Will Be Executed

The GOP memo fizzles and the Crabs ejaculated much laughter at expense of the total lameness of Republican numbnuts Nunes. The stupid memo confirmed drunk Trump minion Papadopoulos triggered the Russian investigation. Senator McCain and former FBI Director Comey were among Republican types that shat upon the nothing burger memo. The Dems demanded the release of their memo, which supposedly tears apart the stupid Republican memo/press release. Lunatic load-caster Alex Jones blathered about the infamous memo, saying it revealed Trump’s “genius” strategy. Back in the day, when Cheeto Teats disappeared into a private meeting with Russians at the White House, our embarrassment-in-chief let fly secrets that compromised Israel. PEEOTUS lied about SOTU viewership, shocker. A fascist teacher assaulted a student for not standing during the Pledge Of Allegiance. Austria dissolved a garbage Nazi frat that embraced a far-right Freedom Party songbook. Vile mouth breather Coach Dave warned conservatives their dumb movement was being sullied by Jewish infiltrators and single mothers. Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada acted like an adult in regards to women’s rights and religious bigotry.

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