CrabDiving – Mon 020518 – Kremlin Adviser Carter Page & The Dow Dumped

Wall Street plunged with the Dow falling below 25,000. Mucho racist conserv-a-jerk-off Alex Jones dumbly suggested economic warfare is being waged upon Shitler by the “deep state.” The Dems and the evil GOP loads sent dueling political messages during the Super Bowl. The Eagles won the NFL Championship, with their quarterback snagging the MVP award. The House Intel Committee voted to release the Dem’s memo. The Crabs learned former Trump Adviser Carter Page once had the word “Kremlin” included in a job title. Cheeto Teats dismissed a bipartisan immigration bill as a waste of time. A Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided to flush gerrymandering down the crapper. Pat and Ryan learned about a racist Republican Holocaust denier running for officer in Illinois. In other Illinois bigotry news, a GOP Rep is catching heat for mocking LGBT and transgender constituents in a most distasteful ad. A sexual assault accuser of PEEOTUS announced she is running for office. We learned on the podcast the U.S. Judge that was attacked for his Mexican heritage by Shitler during the 2016 Presidential Election will hear a case regarding the dumbass border wall. Little Donnie Trump puked forth that Dems who withheld applause during the SOTU were treasonous. War-horny Bill Kristol slammed the orange-a-hole-face over his stupid treason comment regarding Democrats at the SOTU.

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