CrabDiving – Fri 020918 – Trump Defends Abuser & Mattis Defies Stupid Presidential Orders

Trump defends abuser Rob Porter and the CrabDiving crew is not shocked in the least. John Kelly was also found to be full of crap regarding this statements about Porter. Vile GOP skesis Orrin Hatch issued conflicting statements about the breaking domestic violence scandal. The insanely sexist Mormon Church was complicit in Porter’s abuse, allegedly telling his wife to think about what her accusations could do to his career. The gymnast that exposed Larry Nassar similarly said her (“Christian”) church was not a safe haven for assault victims. PEEOTUS can’t be bothered with boring intel briefings. The conserva-jerks of Fox & Friends claimed the the newly revealed FBI texts concerning Obama were “bombshell,” only to have the network’s story change as the conspiracy was debunked. A Fox TV Producer was busted on camera throwing around the n-word during a parking dispute. A hero in Montana resigned from his government post because he would not cooperate with evil ICE investigations. Dickbag Jesus nut Lance Wallnau stupidly suggested his sky god took Scalia to motivate Trump voters during the 2016 election. After a backlash, lawmakers in Utah opted to kill a bill impeding critics of the Mormon Church.

trump defends abuser rob porter

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