CrabDiving – Mon 021218 – Trump Plans More Racism & Hakeem Jeffries Pummels Trump’s “Treason” Accusation

Trump plans more racism, which should give his gross, deplorable mouth-breathing base a bigly bigotry boner. The Crabs learned about Trump’s infrastructure scam. Wife of Donald Jr., Vanessa Trump was taken to the hospital after she opened a letter containing suspicious white powder. Obama’s official presidential portrait was unveiled. Democratic lawmaker Hakeem Jeffries shamed Cheeto Teats for accusing progressives of acting treasonous during the State of the Union. A Texas man donned a “fuck Trump” t-shirt and had to leave a restaurant because white diners were butthurt. Some Virginia farmers crafted a simple message advocating against white supremacy and of course the racists got their precious, ignorant, snowflake fee-fees damaged. Evil shelf-elf AG Sessions added a racist ad lib to a speech for a bunch of Sheriffs.  An Applebees employee wrongly accused two black women of skipping out on a check cuz racism. A lunatic Californian squeezed off a few rounds at neighboring kids because they were too noisy. RWNJ Christo-dink Sam Brownback was named homophobic Ambassador to Skygod garbage. Unenlightened Kansas lawmakers drew wrong conclusions from a study about the dangers of porn. Baltimore cops learned they would have to pay lawsuits out of their own corrupt pockets. Seattle announced they would dismiss past marijuana charges, following California’s lead. Hannity Trump Sucking

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