CrabDiving – Fri 031017 – Maricopa County Trump Rally & Kremlin Throws Shade At The Donald

The Crabs played clips from the Maricopa County Trump rally and audio of these Trumpalos don’t disappoint. Spicey spouted crap about the jobs report. Paul Ryan popped a grand old stiffy over the possibility of kicking people off Medicaid. Shitler’s man Flynn attended intelligence briefings whilst working for the Turkish government. Bernie Sanders reminded America The Donald lies, big time. Due to the instability of Twitler, The Kremlin scaled back praise for Czar Cheeto Fingers. A racist, hateful Trump-bot called for a liberal genocide and the deportation of Jews during a Trump rally in Arizona. A bigoted bunch of horribly raised, racist children chanted “KKK” and taunted people of color, proclaiming, “You don’t deserve freedom!” Disgraced military Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt dumbly stated atheists need more quality time with the Ten Commandments. An Irish broadcaster said calling a communion wafer “haunted bread” was not a sacrilege. Finally, in a true Faithless Friday moment, white evangelicals are the first to say white evangelicals have it the hardest in America.
Maricopa County Trump Rally

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