CrabDiving – Mon 031317 – Steve King Racism & Alex Jones v Alec Baldwin?

A very special Steve King racism moment is featured on this episode of CrabDiving. GOP load Tom Price said some disturbing crap about Trumpcare to journalist Chuck Todd. Navy Seals did drills for a possible invasion of North Korea. The CBO said 24 million more people will be uninsured under Trumpcare. In stories of irresponsible gun ownership, a mom dropped her kid off at school, but not before whipping out her personal weapon of mass destruction. We learned a constitutional convention could be a real thing that happens. The EPA removed the term “science” from their mission statement. A spiritual leader in Texas came out on the right side of an evil, trans-phobic bathroom bill. The aforementioned legislator Tom Price poo-pooed the CBO’s report on Trumpcare, even though the lawmaking douche-nozzle has never even read it. CNN’s Jake Tapper proclaimed he was tired of Shitler’s lies regarding all the wiretapping crap. In a moment of obvious irony, Rep. Jessica Farrar suggested levying a masturbation tax upon Texas yankers. RWNJ hate-caster Alex Jones said he wanted to face actor Alec Baldwin in a “bare knuckle fight” and break his teeth.

steve king racism

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