CrabDiving – Fri 082517 – Anti-DACA Heartless GOP & Scott Baio Is A Load

The Anti-DACA heartless GOP got pure righteous venom from the Crabs on Faithless Friday. Horrendous actor and even worse human, dickhead Scott Baio suggested crisis actors from Sandy Hook created a false flag operation Charlottesville. An evil Christo-Sith Lord dumbly proclaimed that opposition to Trump is opposition to their god. A-hole Jesus-bot and Trump-sucker Paula White blabbed that demons are afraid of the appointments of Cheeto Teats. Loony speaker of tongues and charlatan Kenneth Copeland said the orange one will win in Afghanistan cuz Jesus. Racist Governor Paul LePage made up some crap about Confederate soldiers from Maine and puked forth some garbage regarding the Nazi hate-rally in Charlottesville. Finally, in news that is quite disturbing, one in ten Bernie supporters ended up voting for Trump, puke.

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