K Voice, A Voice of Resistance – Fri 082517

In this episode of K Voice, A Voice of Resistance, we provide proof that activism works! Hurricane Harvey bears down on Texas, hate groups bear down on America and activists bear down in resistance. We have a Bayer and Monsanto update. Supporters rally for Kaepernick including police officers. 40,000 counter protesters crashed Donald’s Nuremberg rally in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide two examples why our vote for city council matters. We wonder if Automatic Voter Registration(AVR) is right for the country (just kidding). We don’t wonder. Of course it’s the best thing for this country. Let Oregon’s AVR program show us the way! We check in with what Mike (mother) Pence has been up to (female? LGBTQ? RUN! ). Finally, we talk about hate groups in America and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s call to action.

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