CrabDiving – Thu 082417 – Pee Tape Dossier Testimony & Arpaio Blows Alex Jones

The pee tape dossier testimony was a focal point of discussion on this episode. Texans braced for hurricane Harvey. Congressional investigators focused on the emails of another high level Trumpster. Supporters of The Donald are just as stupid the early followers of Hitler, regarding science. The Crabs revealed most loads that voted for PEEOTUS moronically believe there’s a war upon Christians. An empty-headed, bigoted fan of the Confederacy insisted the Stars and Bars is not racist, and then deployed an ethnic slur to refer Martin Luther King Jr. GOP dick-dandy Roger Stone suggested those that vote for the impeachment of Cheeto Teats should fear for their lives. Disgraced racist and former Sheriff Joe Arpaio thanked RWNJ hatecaster Alex Jones for something stupid. Mar-a-Lago lost another big client due to Drumpf’s racist response to Charlottesville.
trump pee tape dossier testimony

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