CrabDiving – Mon 120417 – Trump National Monuments Attack & More From Racist America

The Trump national monuments attack can only be due to the fact that he’s a tremendous load. Sadly, our Load-in-Chief scored a win with SCOTUS on his racist travel ban. A White House lawyer informed Shitler that Flynn misled the FBI prior to the Comey firing. GOP Alabama senatorial candidate / molester Roy Moore called his critics “pure evil.” A female candidate running for attorney general in Michigan suggested the only way to end sexual harassment in politics is to exclusively elect folks with inside fun parts. A untalented and totally racist broadcaster in Iowa got canned for making jokes about the ethnicity of local high school ballers. MSNBC contributor Sam Seder was fired for an ancient satirical tweet misconstrued as pervy. Mueller demanded a judge reverse Paul Manafort’s bail after the former Trump campaign manager was busted ghostwriting a self aggrandizing op-ed for a Russian publication.

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