CrabDiving – Fri 120117 – Flynn Pleads Guilty & Alex Jones Channels A Brain-Eating Lesbian

Flynn pleads guilty and the Crabs delivered the details on this Faithless Friday episode. Mueller closes in on Senior White House Load Jared Kushner. As a result of Flynn singing, Vice President Mike Pence is possibly implicated in Russian shenanigans. Experts deemed the verdict in the Kathryn Steinle case to be reasonable, despite xenophobic howlings from RWNJ dicklords. Conserva-jerk Liz Crokin dumbly suggested Trump was put into power by sky-god magic. Far right loon bot Rick Joyner labeled ABC News as a terrorist organization because of their coverage of Mike Flynn’s willingness to testify against Shitler. Dick bag extraordinaire Steve King accused black and Latino legislators of fostering an “anti-white culture” in our government. Crackpot broadcaster Alex Jones was theatrical AF in his warning of an impending civil war. The pluggy InfoWars Czar also spewed some crazy crap about liberal lesbians and their brain-eating habits.

michael flynn pleads guilty

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