CrabDiving – Thu 011118 – Trump Shithole Countries Crack & Joe Arpaio’s Birther Proof

The Trump shithole countries comment was horrifyingly racist and the Crabs shamed our so-called president on this episode of the CrabDiving Podcast. Shitler slammed FISA authorization via Twitter and then reversed his twat. Douche-nozzle RWNJ Tucker Carlson idiotically compared Cheeto Teats to the Chicago Cubs. The Republicans blamed Trump-sucker Stephen Miller for their failure on immigration and DACA legislation. Talent-less Infowars costar Jerome Corsi uncovered irrefutable proof of secret operator Q-Anon. The evil dick-bags at Walmart announced tons of layoffs after getting a huge tax break and increasing wages. Our Ambassador to The Netherlands failed to explain stupid Islamophobic comments to the Dutch press. PEEOTUS accused a former Mueller team member of treason because of anti-Trump text messages. Racist birther Joe Arpaio told CNN Obama’s birth certificate was a phony and would prove it.

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