CrabDiving – Wed 011018 – Trump Squeals “No Collusion” & Oprah Would Win

Even as Trump squeals “no collusion,” the Crabs and most of Murica still aren’t buying it! In an effort to punish haters, Shitler called for a strong look at existing libel laws. Fox News journalist Shep Smith said Don the Con was full of crap regarding the libel laws. Cheeto Teats praised himself for meeting with the Dems regarding immigration and DACA. We learned the “Stable Genius” doesn’t have an MBA from Wharton. All signs pointed to an Oprah win when pitted against Donald in a presidential election. RWNJ loon Alex Jones claimed Winfrey and Weinstein abused women as a team. Jones dumbly defended calling Oprah a Nazi by wrongly reminding listeners there were plenty of “black Nazis” in WWII. Cry baby Senator Rand Paul told CNN the media didn’t show enough compassion about his attack. The Vermont Senate passed a bill to legalize marijuana use. Speaking of the good herb, Washington State said they’d fight for the legal pot. A transgender student rightly won $800,000 from a school district in a lawsuit. At the beginning of Trump’s reign, the White House officially floated withdrawing U.S.troops from the Balkans to appease Putin.

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