CrabDiving – Thu 020818 – Omarosa Warning & Rand Paul Ticks Off Republicans Again

The House Democrats are kind of standing up to the GOP loads behind Nancy Pelosi, in regards to DACA. Rand Paul held up the vote on the government spending package because he thinks it’s not a responsible bill. A Tennessee Sheriff was caught on tape ordering the killing of a suspect during a moderately high speed chase. Former Republican staffer Omarosa teared up during an episode of “Big Brother” regarding Shitler’s intentions for the country. RWNJ load-caster Alex Jones suggested extremist Muslims were seeking out mentally handicap folk for suicide bomber missions. The Czar of InfoWars puked for that transgender people were actually cyborgs. Faux News Exec VP bitched and moaned about diversity in the Olympics. Cheeto Teats launched an evil plan to strip servers of gratuities. The Crabs learned Paris is home to a new sex doll brothel.

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