CrabDiving – Thu 030917 – Roger Stone Banned From Twitter & The Dandy Dick Smells Like Russia

Political schemer extraordinaire Roger Stone very well might be implicated in the Russian election scandal. Mitch McConnell and his horrendous face said tax reform is unlikely anytime soon and then the lipless load said Mexico wasn’t paying for a wall. Senator Bernie Sanders told fellow Dems they need to reach out to Trumpalos. Paul Ryan hosted a pointless healthcare press conference. Andy Puzder blamed the Democrats for the collapse of his labor secretary nomination. Shep Smith of Faux News said he was convinced there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. ┬áIn regards to another Roger Stone story, the sexist dandy dickhead was banned from Twitter. UK hockey team the Sheffield Steelers apologized for cruel homophobic remarks from their broadcaster during a kiss-cam segment.
roger stone

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