CrabDiving – Wed 030817 – Texas Transgender Bathroom Law & Trumpcare Sucks

The Texas transgender bathroom law was fully poo-pooed on this episode of CrabDiving. Doctors and hospitals said they hated Trumpcare big-time. Shitler’s Budget Chief said getting Americans insured was not the goal of Trumpcare. President Obama busted-out an epic eye roll when he learned that Czar Cheeto Fingers accused him of wiretapping Trump Towers. Idiotic ham-faced Faux News host Sean Hannity puked forth a stupid theory about the 2016 election that involved the CIA framing the Russians. Hawaii got all litigious on Trump’s latest travel ban. Apple security flaws were exposed in a recentĀ installment from Wikileaks. It was learned Jared Kushner is doing Rex Tillerson’s job. The horrific un-Christian loons in Texas passed an oppressive law restricting bathroom access for transgender people. Pastor James David Manning said Kellyanne Conway was a stringy haired slut. The Crabs also reviewed Manning’s insane theory regarding semen and Starbucks Coffee. RWNJ Jesus-bot Rick Saccone said he was running for office because Jeebus wants Christians running things in Murica.

Texas Taliban Dan Patrick

Texas Christo-Mullah GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

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