CrabDiving – Tue 030717 – Ryancare Fail & Satanic Child Murdering Cabal To Overthrow Trump

The Ryancare fail was covered on Wednesday’s episode of the CrabDiving Political Podcast. The oh so infamous Wikileaks obtained a trove of sweet CIA hacking tools. An MSNBC reporter got Spicey’s goat by asking some simple questions about Twitler’s insane remarks regarding the fake wiretapping scandal involving former President Obama. Chief Trump Nazi strategist¬†Bannon said a Deep State exists and it controls everything. RWNJ religious whacko Rick Wiles proclaimed a satanic child murdering cabal is attempting an overthrow of Czar Cheeto Fingers. We learned pop icon George Michael died of totally natural causes. The BBC told The Book Of Face that child porn was being proliferated on their popular social media platform. The backwards Republic of Texas-stan stupidly said Doctors should have the right to lie to patients, if they think an abortion will be prevented. Finally, Pat and Ryan learned that Robert Goulet and Elvis kicked it one night and maybe a television was gunned down.
paul ryan disses trump

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2 comments for “CrabDiving – Tue 030717 – Ryancare Fail & Satanic Child Murdering Cabal To Overthrow Trump

  1. Michael Pistella
    March 8, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Hey Ryan, if you still want to become Altruistic Tyrant, you can count on my vote. In fact, if you need a campaign manager I’m available. Pat seemed lukewarm on the idea so we’ll have to Kellyann Goebbels him and shun him when you’re in power. HYPERBOLE!
    Keep screaming guys. Can’t tell you enough that I love your show. Peace.

    • crabdiving
      March 8, 2017 at 4:27 pm

      You’re not shunning me. I’m putting my feet up on the sofa every fucking day in the Oval Office! THANKS for listening, man. -Pat

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