CrabDiving – Thu 041317 – MOAB Drop & Trump Flip-Flop King

The MOAB drop was the main point of discussion on this episode of CrabDiving on the CrabDiving Network. Shitler got his flip-flop on regarding several issues that he campaigned upon. We learned the hideous, inside and out, Bannon could be getting a pink slip, if the Trump kids get their way. In other Nazi-puke news, folks are saying Sessions hates black people more than Bannon. The Crabs talked about a memo sent to the staff at Fox News that would cause most to panic. The orange-a-hole-face made a moronic call to allow states to defund Planned Parenthood. A loony RWNJ legislator, who wanted to get rid of marriage equality, idiotically compared Lincoln to Hitler.  A lawyer representing the dude that was dragged off a United Airlines flight is about to start suing. Finally, Pat and Ryan discuss a camp that’s supposed to turn boys into men, which is nestled deep in the terrifying backwoods of Alabama.
MOAB drop

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